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How this American feels after Charlottesville

I am an American. I was born in this country. I went to school in this country. I work and pay taxes in this country. I have a mortgage and … Continue reading

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That fancy Thanksgiving meal, like in the movies

Growing up I remember seeing the fancy Thanksgiving meal in the movies and on TV. The long table, the fine china, the tall candles, and all the bowls of food … Continue reading

November 15, 2016 · 2 Comments

“Our Flag was Still There” – In a New Trump World, I Found Comfort in our National Anthem

This morning I attended the City Of Houston’s Veterans Day Resources Fair and as I stood with my hand on my heart, the National Anthem gave me comfort in this … Continue reading

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Starting all over…again – Back to Day One when it could have been Day 90!

Last month I wrote a blog of how I had the answer to sticking to losing weight and, according to my P90X3 calendar, I stuck to my workout for almost … Continue reading

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A Tale of Struggle: The Key to Sticking to an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

As many of you know, I’ve started living a healthier and more active lifestyle. Last year I started watching what I eat and doing P90X with my husband because I … Continue reading

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Visiting Monterrey – Day 2: Chipinque, Macroplaza and Paseo Santa Lucia

Our second day in Monterrey began with a hunt for delicious breakfast tacos! We turned to our taco expert, my sister-in-law, who took us to San Pedro. We had been … Continue reading

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Visiting Monterrey – Day 1: La Huasteca & Tacos Galore

For this Spring Break, we decided to visit my husband’s home town of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. His dad recently got his house back after a legal battle and we … Continue reading

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